What I Can Teach You About Cigars

Downloadable Instructions in Cigar Rolling

The fondness smoking cigar is something that people can easily acquire. It’s not even surprising if one of these days you just find yourself interested in rolling cigars. For those who have their own cigar store it is really vital to learn the skill in cigar rolling or for those who are really making their own cigar.

If you are one of those who are just passionate in rolling cigars then this article is what you are looking for, it contains the basic steps that one must know in cigar rolling.

One thing that you must remember is that rolling cigars takes some time to master and you have be meticulous in doing so. When it comes to handling the tobacco leaf you need to be careful more so in rolling and packing of cigar papers too.

For those who want to do it like a pro must first learn the basics in doing so. It would be best to download the following steps so that you will not have a hard time in learning how to roll cigars and you can be assured you are following the right steps.

Separate the Leaves from the Fillers, Wrappers and Binders
The first thing that you have to do is isolate the leaves for it has a different usage. They must be isolated from the binders, fillers and wrappers. The best tobacco that you have must be utilized for the wrappers.

For the filler tobacco it uses two distinct types of tobacco. For those who only have one type of tobacco then that will be okay to use as the filler.

For those who are searching for a good quality of tobacco leaves can check things in Eurobacco.

Drenched the Leaves
If you don’t want the tobacco too be stale and dry then make sure you drenched the leaves. It is important that before you roll the cigar papers the leaves are already in a moist state. Take note that you only need to use minimal amount of water in drenching it.

You just need to use spray bottle in order to moisten it properly.

If by any chance the leaves starts to dry you can spray some water on it.

Get Rid of the Stems
Remove the stems that is the next step that you must follow.

It is vital to start at the bottom part of the stem and then progress towards the middle vein. You must also do the same for the other half of the leaf. If you are able to do this then you now have to two separate halves of the leaf and of course the stem.

You must handle the leaves carefully as you remove the stem from the wrapper and binder leaves. See to it that the leaves are moist too.