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The Emerging Trends in eLEarning

Now is a good time for anyone focused in developing more futuristic eLearning apps, since there is an increasing number of corporations which are using these technologies for online learning purposes. There is a large portion of technology currently under development that shall be used to support eLearning industry. This has led to the emergence of some major trends in their development. Those trends will lead to better apps.
eLearning apps can now rely on virtual reality. Instead of using videos to guides users when you are introducing them to the app, VR technology can be used to make the learning process more enhanced and impactful. The experience shall go a long way for them.

Augmented reality can also be used in the learning process. It enhances the learning process, instead of replacing it as virtual reality does. It is also cheaper for developers. It needs the input of less hardware.

Microlearning is also a new trend. In it, instead of bombarding users with too much information at once, this trend leads to small doses of education over a period. It entails the use of visuals, video learning, simulation, and tests that give instant results. This aids users easily learn and retain more information.

Simulations can also be used to give users a hands-on experience, instead of relying only on factual and recall learning. Task-based simulation will help achieve this.
Social learning is another one of the trends. eLearning platforms shall manage to collaborate, via social networking, team building, and problem-solving skills at their center. The type of social networks in use here are comment tools, chats, and leaderboards.

Webinars are another trend that is similar to microlearning. In them, a high amount of focus is captured over a short period, which is more effective than the long training session programs that tend to last for over weeks or months.

Serious games is another trend in which an educative app is designed as a game, with some elements of entertainment in it. They take on some serious topics such as real estate, the stock market, budgeting, and the like.

In upskilling, a group that is employed in a given company can continue to receive training to make their skills better. eLearning platforms are thus implemented by most businesses to train their staff and get them promoted. This is a trend favored by most HR departments, and shall be so for a long time to come. It also benefits individuals with higher career ambitions.

Leave your app platform open source. This will give consumers flexibility to make changes and advance it. This shall lead to more useful and effective apps.